Vanilla Bean Powders, Specs and Seeds

At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we aren’t just liquid vanilla specialists — we also carry a full line of vanilla powders. Our Vanilla Powders are produced using our Proprietary Cold Extracted Vanillas and blended without heat to insure that all the flavor of our Premium Vanillas comes shining through in our Vanilla Powders. Our Vanilla Powders are a hit with customers who need high quality flavor in a powdered form. One new customer recently said “For the first time I’m getting a true Vanilla Extract flavor in my powdered Vanilla application!”

We also offer many of our Vanilla Powders with “real vanilla bean specks” included .

When you order from Lochhead Manufacturing our name goes on the label and our reputation goes with it. Your specific application, target market, and flavor profile will determine which one of our Vanilla Powders is right for you. If you’d like information, samples, or wish to speak with one of our Flavor Specialists please contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Vanilla Powders:

  • Vanilla Powder 1040A-“Made with Organic” Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Bean Products:

  • Ground Vanilla Beans
  • Vanilla Bean Specks
  • Vanilla Bean Seeds