For three generations, Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality Pure Vanilla Vanillin Extracts available.

Vanilla Vanillin Extracts are just what the name implies—a blend of our wonderful pure vanilla extract fortified with “vanillin”, an artificial flavor enhancer. Vanillin produces a powerful yet pleasant vanilla flavor and when combined with our premium vanilla extract gives a natural well rounded flavor profile with immediate flavor “hit” in your finished product. Premium vanilla vanillin extract is a complex flavor, comprised of approximately 300 individual flavor components all working together to create it’s rich flavor and bouquet.To produce premium vanilla vanillin extract it always begins with the beans. You cannot produce high quality vanillas with inferior quality beans! At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we source only premium quality sun cured vanilla beans for our extracts. These beans take longer to grow and cost more than twice as much as low quality beans, but they produce the most wonderful vanilla imaginable. These beautiful beans are then carefully inspected and categorized using our proprietary indexing system based on specific bean characteristics. Once they are grouped, experienced personnel blend the beans according to our formulation specifications to maximize the flavor, strength, and aromatic notes. The final step is our proprietary Cold Extraction Process. We do not use damaging heat or pressure to produce our vanilla vanillin extracts ensuring the rich deep flavor and delicate bouquet of the vanilla beans are passed on unchanged into our extracts. The end result is super premium vanilla vanillin extracts unmatched in our industry.

At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we believe it’s important to give you the choice when it comes to vanillas. We produce a full line of double strength (2X) and quadruple strength (4X) vanilla vanillin extracts. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Vanillin Extracts, Mexican Vanilla Vanillin Extracts, Tahitian Style Vanilla Vanillin Extracts, and Indonesian Vanilla Vanillin Extracts are just a few of the extract blends we manufacture. We also source beans from newer growing regions as they meet our quality and flavor standards for new vanilla vanillin extract blends.

Just like our vanillas, your products will only be as good as the ingredients you use. Sacrificing quality means sacrificing flavor and losing customers—not a good business plan. Fortunately when it comes to premium vanilla vanillin extracts the overall cost for high quality vanillas is small compared to other ingredients, but your customers will taste the difference! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your vanilla needs and applications. We can then make recommendations from our current blends or formulate a proprietary blend to meet your specific need. We are glad to provide samples for you to see, smell, and taste that Lochhead Manufacturing’s Vanillas are truly the best. Please contact us and one of our Vanilla Specialists will follow up with you.

We look forward to serving you!