Ice Cream Vanillas

For three generations Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanillas available. We produce a full line of Cold Extracted pure vanilla extracts and vanilla flavors specifically formulated and blended for use in premium Ice Cream/Frozen dessert marketplace. These include super premium Pure Vanilla ExtractsVanilla Vanillin Extracts, and premium Natural & Artificial Vanilla Blends.

Ice cream is one of life’s little pleasures! Over the past three generations, we have developed hundreds of unique vanilla flavor profiles that will set your ice cream apart from the “plain vanilla” crowd. For only a fraction of a cent per serving, your vanilla ice cream will not only be superior in flavor and bouquet, but will be truly unique. Give your customers a reason to travel across town to by your ice creams or to seek it out in their local supermarket. Our vanilla will be the “secret ingredient” that keeps them coming back for more!

Your specific Ice Cream application, target market, flavor profile, and mix will determine which one of our 300 different vanillas may be right for you. We also welcome the opportunity to produce custom formulated proprietary blends for our customers as well. If you would like more information about our vanillas, samples, or wish to speak with one of our Vanilla Specialists please contact us.

We look forward to serving you.