For three generations Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanillas available. We produce a full line of Cold Extracted vanilla extracts and flavors specifically formulated and blended for use in Baking and Confection marketplace. This includes super premium Pure Vanilla ExtractsVanilla Vanillin Extracts, and premium Natural & Artificial Vanilla Blends.

Bakery and Confection applications undergo high heat conditions, so special considerations must be made when choosing your vanillas so the flavor and bouquet do not “bake off”, sending all that good flavor up the chimney! Also, baked items often require “colorless” vanillas for flavor while still retaining their white or clear appearance in the finished product.

At Lochhead Manufacturing Company, we’ve spent years developing the perfect vanilla blends for just those applications – and many more! Just ask any of our Vanilla Specialists for suggestions as to how you can maximize your flavor while keeping your costs down.

Your specific application will determine which one of our over 300 different vanillas is right for you.If you’d like more information about our premium vanillas, samples, or wish to speak with one of our Vanilla Specialists please contact us.

We look forward to serving you.