At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we provide our premium vanillas and fantastic service to a diverse customer base. We serve the neighborhood ice cream and frozen custard shop one 4 gallon case at a time as well as larger manufacturers which purchase multiple pallets of gallons, drums, or totes. At Lochhead Manufacturing we do not set arbitrary dollar amounts that you must meet to place an order to serve ourselves. Instead, we seek to meet the needs of each of our customers both large and small.

When you order from Lochhead Manufacturing our name goes on the label and our reputation goes with it. That is our promise to you our customers, that in each and every gallon you will receive an honest product at a good value for your dollar. We realize that our customers are the life blood of our organization and we treat them with the care and respect they deserve. When you call our offices, chances are you’ll talk to a member of the Lochhead family–no red tape and no hassle. We do our best to earn your trust and support every day one gallon at a time.

If you’d like to discuss your vanilla needs and applications for recommendations and samples please contact us and one of our Vanilla Specialists will follow up with you.

We look forward to serving you!