For four generations, the Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanilla extracts and flavors available. It all began in 1918 as our grandfather and founder, Angus T. Lochhead settled in St. Louis, Missouri with a vision of producing and marketing super premium pure vanilla extracts and flavors. His dream included our proprietary Cold Extraction Process which we use to this very day. When our grandfather retired, his son James E. Lochhead took the reigns of the company and continued his father’s vision. James developed new blends of pure vanilla extracts and flavors for his customers, and eventually brought his two sons into the company to work along side him. Lochhead Manufacturing Company grew to be a regional producer of premium vanillas known for quality flavors, value and superior service.

In the 1980’s, James’ two sons George and John began working alongside their father on a full time basis. When James retired, George and John took over the operations and ownership of Lochhead Manufacturing Company. Our flavor company has grown a lot since then; moving twice before building our current state of the art production facility in Fenton, Missouri. Lochhead Manufacturing Company’s reputation has grown too, and is now recognized as a national and international producer of super premium vanilla extracts and flavors.

Though much has changed in the world over the past 90 years, fortunately some things have not. Our grandfather’s dream lives on! Lochhead Manufacturing Company products are still the gold standard of vanillas. We are still dedicated to excellence in each and every gallon we produce. We are still delivering quality and value every day. We are still treating our customers with the care and respect they deserve. And, like many of our customers we are still a family business. Lochhead Manufacturing Company — a modern company doing business the old fashioned way!

If you’d like additional information or to discuss your vanilla needs please contact us and one our Vanilla Specialists will follow up with you.

The Lochhead Brothers,