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Welcome to the home of Premium Cold Extracted vanilla extracts and vanilla flavors

For four generations, Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanillas available. We produce a full line of premium vanilla extractsorganic vanilla extracts, all-natural vanilla flavors, natural and artificial vanilla blends, and concentrated artificial vanillas.

As a company, our goals are clear. First, we provide our customers with the highest quality vanilla extracts and flavors in the market today. Second, we work directly with our customers to determine which one of our hundreds of vanilla blends is right for their application. Third, we treat every customer with the care and respect they deserve. Whether you are seeking a vanilla for a premium vanilla ice cream, fresh frozen custard, soy milk, or vanilla granola bar, we have the right vanilla for you.

We have also broadened our line of extracts to include Almond Extract, Peppermint Extract, Orange Extract, and Lemon Extract, along with other new flavors we are developing to serve our customers better. We welcome the opportunity to have you see and taste why Lochhead vanillas are truly the best!

The Lochhead Brothers,

Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free

Lochhead Manufacturing is Committed to Clean Label

The Clean Label trend is here to stay! Fortunately, at Lochhead Mfg. Company we’ve been Clean Label folks for over 100 years. Our Pure Vanillas are made from three simple ingredients: vanilla beans, natural alcohol and water. It doesn’t get much cleaner than that.

What Makes Lochhead Vanilla the Gold Standard

The vanilla bean has approximately 300 unique flavor components. However because many are delicate and occur only in trace amounts they must be extracted carefully. At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we do not use super heated liquids or pressure for our extractions. Instead we use our proprietary cold extraction, slow percolation method to produce all of our vanillas.

The Vanwell Project

In the Fall of 2012, one of our co-owners George Lochhead visited the vanilla bean producing SAVA Region of Madagascar and noticed that many of the small villages in the region did not have fresh water wells and relied  solely on rivers.   Realizing this prompted the idea to initiate our “VanWell Project” that is currently underway.


We produce hundreds of different vanillas according to our customers end use application. Whether you need a pure vanilla extract for your premium vanilla ice cream, an organic vanilla for your vanilla soy milk, or a natural and artificial vanilla for your baking application we have the vanilla for you.


We aren’t just liquid vanilla specialists — we also carry a full line of vanilla powders. Our Vanilla Powders are produced using our Proprietary Cold Extracted Vanillas and blended without heat to insure that all the flavor of our Premium Vanillas comes shining through in our Vanilla Powders.


 In addition to our extensive line of vanillas we also manufacture a line of complimentary Extracts and Flavors. Just like our vanillas, all of our flavors are manufactured to our high standards and feature those characteristics that Lochhead has been known for since 1918.

About Lochhead Manufacturing

For four generations, the Lochhead Manufacturing Company has produced the finest quality vanilla extracts and flavors available. It all began in 1918 when Angus T. Lochhead settled in St. Louis, Missouri, with a vision of producing and marketing super premium pure vanilla extracts and flavors. When Angus retired, his son James E. Lochhead took the reigns of the company and continued his father’s vision. James developed new blends of pure vanilla extracts and flavors for his customers, and eventually retired and his two sons George and John took over the operations and ownership and continue on their grandfather’s dream of producing the gold standard of vanillas.